RELAX POLAR VISOR šedá - women's ski helmet

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  • The Relax POLAR VISOR goggle with an elegant shield replacing ski goggles provides you with more comfort and a wider field of vision than traditional ski goggles. Many factors are taken into account throughout the development process. Relax does not focus only on safety during development, although it is still a priority.

    We design helmets with maximum wearing comfort in mind. The innovative CROSS PROTECT reinforcement design meets the demanding requirements for increased head protection. ACTIVE BOOST multi-zone ventilation with integrated vents and infinitely variable controls ensure fresh air is supplied to the helmet, dissipating heat and moisture and maintaining a stable climate inside the helmet throughout use. Using IN-MOLD construction technology, high strength and flexibility of the helmet has been achieved while maintaining a high degree of safety and low weight. After wearing it for a while, you won't even know you have it on your head.

    • Number of vents: 14
    • FREE Relax microfiber pouch

    Size description:M: 56-58 cm, L: 58-60 cm
    Weight:M: 560 g, L: 580 g
    Helmet durability guaranteed by proven safety according to CE EN 1077

    IN-MOLD SHELL - Manufacturing technology that makes the helmet a single high-strength, lightweight unit


    ACTIVE BOOST - Active Ventilation: a continuously adjustable flow system with optimally positioned vents literally sucks in ambient air to cool the interior of the helmet. It regulates the resulting temperature and thus ensures high comfort in every situation. This combination makes the helmets very airy.
    I.A.T. SYSTEM - Composite internal temperature control system combining unique technologies - I.T.C. internal air circulation system and AIRFLOW active ventilation system.
    Certificate - We guarantee proven safety.
    Dual FIX circumference regulation - The helmet size regulation system has been developed to ensure maximum compactness of the helmet fit on the head. By using the DUAL FIX system's safety multi-point attachment, a compact connection between the helmet and the head is achieved, greatly increasing overall safety. The one-handed operation of the system at the back of the helmet is very light and intuitive.
    EASY LOCK - Simple and quick fastening of the safety straps under the chin improves the fit of the helmet on the head. Reduces the risk of helmet movement on impact, resulting in increased head protection.
    SOFT SENSE - Shaped antibacterial lining with Soft Sense treatment provides an extra warm and comfortable feel. The soft fleece with Sensitive treatment is very pleasant to the touch and forms an insulating layer to protect the head from cold.
    CROSS PROTECT - Protective hardened polycarbonate reinforcement on the inside of the helmet increases the helmet's resistance to side impact and protects the inner core of the helmet from mechanical damage


    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: RELAX
    • Product code: RH30 C
    • colour : bílá / černá
    • Season : přechází

  • POLAR VISOR grey

    POLAR VISOR grey
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