UVEX G.GL 300 TAKE OFF navy mat/fullmirror blue - ski goggles

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  • UVEX G.GL 300 TAKE OFF - ski goggles

    The award-winning G.GL 300 TAKE OFF ski goggles are truly one of the TOP ski goggles on the market. The sophisticated polycarbonate lens technology guarantees you perfect vision in any weather.

    If the sun comes out and starts to make your ride uncomfortable, just manually (with a click) attach or detach the interchangeable dark lens, which is attached with magnets. Changing these replacement lenses is very easy, they are flexible and can be stored anywhere.

    Replacing the lenses themselves is also very practical and easy, just push on them from the inside - take them out - insert the new ones and you're done. Quick and easy! Polavision® technology protects you from harsh sunlight and glare.

    The headband of the goggles is perfectly flexible, so you can fit them even on a smaller head. The clever ventilation system of the goggles guarantees you an uninterrupted clear image. The goggles are scratch-resistant, so nothing can damage them.

    One of the best ski goggles on the market you should definitely not miss!


    • 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection
    • Extra infrared protection


    • Injection lens
    • Double spherical glass
    • Supravision®
    • Polavision®
    • Easy to clean


    • Direct ventilation
    • Extended kit: foam with velour, climate membrane, rubber strap with silicone
    Ultimate anti-fog coating - Works twice as long as standards require: 60 seconds of anti-fog protection instead of the prescribed 30 seconds. Increases your safety and provides a clear view even in low visibility conditions.
    Technology for better perception - Protection against reflections and harmful irritation. Polycarbonate lenses with polavision reliably protect your eyes. Eliminates harsh glare and distracting reflections.

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    • Manufacturer: UVEX
    • Product code: G.GL 300 TAKE OFF, navy mat/fullmirror blue
    • colour : modrá

  • UVEX G.GL 300 TAKE OFF navy mat/fullmirror blue

    G.GL 300 TAKE OFF navy mat/fullmirror blue
  • Since the company was founded in 1926, the Uvex brand has been synonymous with quality and innovative products that provide head-to-toe protection for sport, leisure and work. Production is based on many decades of experience and the consistent implementation of new technologies.

    Most of the production is done in Germany and Europe: Uvex is "Made in Germany" out of conviction and tradition. 

    Uvex is a global partner on the international elite sports scene, providing equipment for more than 1,000 top athletes.