RELAX ARCH HTG54E - Children's ski goggles

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  • An affordable model of children's ski goggles from Relax, which offers an attractive and functional design at a sympathetic price. The ARCH goggles are suitable before dioptric goggles - The OTG-treated goggles are ready for comfortable fitting and use of dioptric goggles.

    • 100% UV protection
    • attractive
    • functional design
    • comfortable


    Sun filter cat: 2
    SOptical SOFTVISION lens
    OTG fitting for inserting dioptric glasses
    ANTI-FOG technology

    MULTI VISION - Multi-rounded lens surface is the most technologically advanced optical element consisting of two spherical surfaces. The rounded surface is better adapted to the human eye, eliminating distortion of the transmitted image, thus achieving clear undistorted vision for each rider. The advantage of MiDV panoramic visors is maximum sharpness in all viewing angles, perfect peripheral vision and optical precision.
    No fogging of the glass - The unique ventilation system effectively combines active and passive ventilation elements. The shape and design of the frames is engineered for optimal airflow flowing through the frame of the goggles to quickly and reliably extract the moisture generated and keep the inner lenses dry at all times. The system is fully compatible with the MULTI AIR FLOW and ACTIVE BOOZE helmet ventilation systems.


    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: RELAX
    • Product code: HTG54E
    • colour : červená/oranžová


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