RELAX HEAT RR18B - Women's ski gloves

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  • Women's HEAT mittens by Relax with all the important features for comfortable and safe skiing. The modern SOFT PLATIN material on the back, the highly durable leather on the palm, the warm SOFT LOFT filling made of thermoregulating material and the waterproof AQUA PROTECT membrane ensure extra warm comfort even in the most demanding conditions.

    • real leather on the palm
    • practical hand strap
    • mittens
    • comfortable
    • highly durable
    • warm padding
    • waterproof


    Functional AQUA PROTECT membrane
    Simple and practical LOOP strap
    Unique ergonomic design of the 3D MOTION gloves
    Insulating material SOFT LOFT
    Modern functional material SOFT PLATIN

    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: RELAX
    • Product code: RR18B
    • colour : černá/bílá

  • HEAT RR18B

    HEAT RR18B
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