HANNAH Amidala JR II, jazzy - children's ski pants

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  • HANNAH AMIDALA - Kids Ski Pants

    The Hannah Amidala Jr. II Kids Ski Pants are made from 100% polyamide. As a result, they have high wet and dry strength, resist abrasion well and retain a flexibility that you will especially appreciate when skiing or snowboarding.

    The already good properties of the polyamide fibre are enhanced by the Drypeak 6000 microporous polyurethane coating. With it, the Amidala Jr. II trousers have a higher degree of waterproofing and breathability, making them suitable for the vast majority of moderately demanding activities in wet environments.

    The Duratherm polyurethane fleece insulation takes care of thermal comfort. Comfort for all-day wear is ensured by the integrated waist circumference adjustment and detachable suspenders. Reflective elements are a matter of course in a product for children.

    • Practical front pockets
    • Snow cuffs on legs
    • Backed seams
    • Adjustable waist circumference
    • Releasable suspenders
    • Reflective elements
    • Drypeak 6000 polyurethane coating
    • Duratherm filling

    Material: polyamide (PAD,PA)

    high dry and wet strength
    high abrasion resistance
    high flexibility
    permanent pleating capability
    high biological resistance
    resistance to chemical agents, especially alkalis
    low specific gravity, high specific volume
    very easy to maintain (washing, drying)
    low hygroscopicity (weakened by the use of PAD/CE blend)
    unpleasant cold feel of smooth silk (eliminated by shaping the fibre)
    generation of static electricity during production and use (cancelled by antistatic preparations)
    very good dyeability depends on the type of fibre
    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: HANNAH
    • Product code: 10000269HHX01
    • colour : růžová
    • Season : přechází

  • Amidala JR II, jazzy

    Amidala JR II, jazzy
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