NATHAN Vapor Swift 4L, Blue Nights / High Risk Red - running backpack

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  • The Nathan VaporSwift 4L Men's Running Backpack was designed in collaboration with professional runners. It allows for unrestricted movement with new softer materials, closures and access to storage. The pack is lightweight, contains a 1.5L hydration pack and sits firmly and doesn't bounce on the body when moving. The vest easily adjusts to any body shape.

    • features 1.5L hydrovac
    • two front bottle pockets
    • small zippered storage compartment on the side of the front pockets
    • thick strap, larger rear storage compartment
    • breathable lightweight material
    • product code: 4720N

    Backpack capacity: 4 l
    Hydration capacity: 1.5 l

    Size Chest circumference
    XS-M 76.2 - 96.5 cm
    L-3XL 96.5 - 122 cm
    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: NATHAN
    • Product code: 4720N
    • volume : 4 L
    • colour : modrá
    • Season : přechází

  • Vapor Swift 4L, Blue Nights / High Risk Red

    Vapor Swift 4L, Blue Nights / High Risk Red
    Vapor Swift 4L, Blue Nights / High Risk Red
    Vapor Swift 4L, Blue Nights / High Risk Red
  • Nathan is an American brand tailored to all runners, ultramarathoners, triathletes, hikers and all other athletes for whom nature is their playground. It leads the market with its Running Essentials™ products, which are focused on performance and providing the best conditions for running.

    Nathan's main offerings include hydration vests, belts, handheld running bottles, sports bottles, running accessories - phone holders, "kidney" holders for personal items, reflective vests and other reflective accessories.

    All the products are there to keep you running as long as possible and without restrictions. Nathan Sports products are used by hundreds of thousands of athletes around the world and can be found in over 45 countries. And more are coming. The hashtags #runstronger, #runlonger, #werunonwater or #fireupyourrun are associated with the Nathan brand.

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