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  • World famous Spanish dessert with egg yolks and milk with a hint of orange and cinnamon. Even if you find yourself trapped in a tent during a cold winter blizzard, this dessert can momentarily teleport your shivering mind to a little bistro in Barcelona.

    There are no artificial ingredients, no added sugars, no palm oil and no preservatives. The food is made with 100% natural ingredients. The shelf life is 3 years.

    Consumer Information:

    • For Vegetarians
    • Gluten Free


    • yolks (egg yolks, citric acid) 56%
    • milk 34%
    • sugar 7%
    • potato starch
    • orange peel
    • sorghum

    Nutritional table:

    In 100gServes 65g (165g before drying)
    Calories2038 kJ / 486 kcal1325 kJ / 316 kcal
    Fats (g)22,0014,00
    of which saturates(g)11,007,2
    of which sugars(g)42,0030,00
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    • Manufacturer: LYOFOOD
    • Product code: LYO7456

  • LYOFOOD Crema Catalana

    Crema Catalana
    Crema Catalana
  • Are you going on a trip and need a proper takeaway? Try LYOfood. The tastiest outdoor food - 100% natural, light and healthy - ideal for all types of outdoor activities: climbing, sailing, camping, trekking, travelling. 

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