SENSOR DOUBLE FACE SET LOGO, safír - junior long sleeve shirt + underpants

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  • Children's set of Double Face long sleeve shirt and underpants, which is made of Double Face material. The most basic layer and piece from this brand.

    • 2in1, use in two different temperature situations
    • Soft, very comfortable material
    • Flat seams
    • Extended back
    • Anatomic fit
    • Universal use (sport, city)


    Breathability: breathable
    Warmth: medium
    Drying speed: high
    Weight category: medium
    Material weight: 160
    Material range: Double Face
    Activity: hiking, ski and SNB, skialp and cross-country

    Double Face is one of the most versatile functional undergarments in the Sensor range. The special knit and cut construction allows this thermal underwear to be used both ways, always with different temperature characteristics. The side of the T-shirt marked as "plus" has a surface made of micropolyester silk, this surface is chosen as an inner so "on the body" in case of warmer conditions. The side of the shirt marked "minus" is made of micropolyester and is chosen as the inner side when used in colder temperatures. The difference in thermal resistance between the two sides has been measured in the laboratory at 3.6°C.

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    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: SENSOR
    • Product code: 202 00045
    • colour : safír
    • Season : 2023 podzim


    DOUBLE FACE SET LOGO, sapphire
    DOUBLE FACE SET LOGO, sapphire
    DOUBLE FACE SET LOGO, sapphire
  • Czech manufacturer Sensor is a specialist in the production of sportswear and thermal underwear. Sensor has become a synonym for functional thermal underwear, socks, cycling clothing and good mood. Behind the creation of the Sensor brand was the desire to produce thermal underwear that is highly functional yet more comfortable than a mouse fur coat. During its existence, the Sensor brand has achieved many remarkable successes and has become a leader in the field of functional clothing in the Czech Republic.