BOLL BIVY PONCHO RF forestgreen - outdoorová pláštěnka

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  • The ultralight BIVY PONCHO RF by BOLL - an outdoor raincoat that can be quickly built into a full-fledged shelter or bivouac tunnel. Thanks to special straps, any number of ponchos can be joined together to create a shelter for several people.

    Specially positioned equidistant straps allow the poncho to be worn even with a large backpack. A drawstring tunnel in the back of the poncho allows you to optimize the length depending on your body height.

    • ultralight
    • cloak, shelter
    • special buttons
    • can be combined together
    • can be worn with a large backpack
    • detachable tunnel
    • can optimize length

    Material: Polyester, DWR
    Size range: up to 192 cm
    Unfolded to form a sail: 138 x 258 cm

    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: BOLL
    • Product code: 285190005
    • colour : zelená
    • sizes : 138x255 cm
    • Season : 2022 jaro

  • BIVY PONCHO RF forestgreen

    BIVY PONCHO RF forestgreen
    BIVY PONCHO RF forestgreen
    BIVY PONCHO RF forestgreen
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