LYOFOOD Gulášová polévka s masem 2021, 500g - dehydrated diet

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  • Goulash soup with meat 500g

    Freeze dried food suitable for all hikers, sportsmen and travelers. Lyofood products are made from 100% fresh natural ingredients. The shelf life of this product is until 7.6.2022.


    1. Tear off the top of the package above the closure strip.
    2. Remove the moisture absorber from the bag.
    3. Add 420 ml (approximately 1.7 cups) of hot or boiling water - up to the crease.
    4. Mix thoroughly.
    5. Seal the package and leave for 10 minutes.

    Ingredients used for preparation:

    • pork 17% (cubes), beans, potatoes, red pepper 12%, wheat flour, carrot, onion 4%, parsley root, tomato paste, salt, canola oil, spices

    lactose free

    A company producing quality freeze-dried food since 1998. The main reason is to provide mountaineers, hikers, sailors, extreme athletes and travelers with a quality diet that is packed with all the essential nutrients. In 2013, the company received the gold award of the industry awards, one of the most prestigious awards that is only given to products of the highest quality and quality with an innovative idea. Lyo Foods' meals are 100% made with fresh and natural ingredients, some of which the company grows itself.

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  • LYOFOOD Goulash soup with meat 2021, 500g

    Goulash soup with meat 2021, 500g
  • Are you going on a trip and need a proper takeaway? Try LYOfood. The tastiest outdoor food - 100% natural, light and healthy - ideal for all types of outdoor activities: climbing, sailing, camping, trekking, travelling. 

    LYOFOOD's ideas and outdoor experience combined with Lyovit's know-how and technology are the perfect basis for creating exceptional products.

    These freeze-dried meals are the most delicious on the market today. LYO EXPEDITION offers a delicious range of different flavours, even freeze-dried fruits are available. All meals are free of preservatives and artificial additives. The packaging has also been improved: it is now resealable. "

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