HEY SPORT Lightflex Spray 150 ml - spray with reflective paint

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  • Spray with reflective paint to increase protection in the dark.
    HEY SPORT® LIGHTFLEX SPRAY provides protection and increases safety in the dark by reflecting light. By using innovative, highly reflective particles, individually designed designs can be sprayed that reflect in the dark when illuminated, providing visibility and protection to the wearer.

    The reflective spray is suitable for all untreated materials such as textiles, leather, wood, plastic, metal etc. The spray has limited adhesion to smooth and non-porous surfaces. Waterproof, weatherproof, can be removed by washing in normal detergents. Supplied with stencils with different patterns.

    Capacity: 150 ml

    General product information

    Warranty 24 months
    Manufactured by HEY SPORT, made in Germany

    Instructions for use:
    Shake the HEY SPORT® LIGHTFLEX SPRAY container thoroughly before use. Keep the container upright and spray evenly and gently from a distance of approx. 20 cm for 2-3 seconds. Allow to dry for at least 2 minutes. For best results, shake repeatedly after each spraying process. If you are using a stencil, place it on the area to be sprayed and cover the surrounding material to avoid staining. Check the result of the spraying (even if you think the application is not visible) by photographing the area using a flash. The fact that the application is not visible depends on the type of material and the intensity of the application.
    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: HEY SPORT
    • Product code: SR00026

  • Lightflex Spray 150 ml

    Lightflex Spray 150 ml
  • High quality athletic & leisure clothing should always be washed and cared for with products that protect the longevity of the fibres and waterproofing. HEY Sport developed intelligent cleaning products and waterproofing product for textiles and leather. These products surround the fibres of your clothing and actively repel water. Enjoy a longer lifespan for your clothes!

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