GRANGER´S 2in1 Wash & Repel 300ml - impregnating and cleaning agent

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  • Effectively cleans all technical fabrics and outdoor clothing. Restores and refreshes the water-repellent surface. Requires heat activation to function - ideally through a low temperature tumble dryer. Designed for use on all GORE-TEX® garments, works at 30˚C, in all types of water.

    Granger's Wash and Repel is a unique product that provides effective cleaning and water repellency, in a single wash cycle.

    Combining the powerful cleaning action of Performance Wash with the water repellency of a garment treatment, Granger's is the perfect way to regularly maintain your favorite outdoor clothing.

    Not only does it effectively clean your clothes, it also increases the water repellency of technical clothing - saving you time, energy and water.

    Environmentally friendly, free of fluorocarbon compounds safe for use in all types of domestic washing machines. Once washed, all garments treated with this product will need to use the dryer, activating the moisture resistant coating - although ironing or even a hairdryer can be used in a pinch too.

    Granger's Wash and Repel for use on all outdoor and technical fabrics is ideal for restoring the water repellency of GORE-TEX® clothing.
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  • Grangers, a British brand, who are dedicated to protecting you against the elements and have been since 1937. With a passion for the outdoors, and the unpredictability of British weather, we love nothing more than defying the elements and being able to make any adventure possible.

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