MUNKEES FixnZip stříbrná - 3-piece set for instant zipper repair

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  • Repair your broken zipper anywhere and instantly without sewing!

    FixnZip - 3-Piece Zipper Repair Kit - Silver Small+Medium+Large, Size:1-10, suitable for repairing zippers on pants, skirts, pillows, sheets, shoulder bags, pouches, jackets, sleeping bags, backpacks, bags, tents, special suits or tarpaulins.

    Compatible with all types of zippers, whether metal or plastic. Can be used with open zippers and zippers on both sides. The original zipper remains, only the slider can be replaced with a few simple steps.

    Instructions for use:

    1. Turn to the left, loosen the screw on the slider
    2. Insert the teeth of the zipper into the slider as close to the zipper end as possible
    3. Tighten the screw on the slider and zip it up
    4. Now you can use this new zipper slider.

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    • Manufacturer: MUNKEES
    • Product code: 7063-

  • FixnZip stříbrná

    FixnZip stříbrná
    FixnZip stříbrná
  • Munkees nabízí spousty drobných doplňků, jako jsou svítilny, otvíráky na lahve, parakordové uzlíky, zámky, píšťalky a ozdobné karabinky, nebo třeba sety pro opravu zipů, které v roce 2017 na veletrhu ISPO vyhrály cenu za inovativní produkt roku. 

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