FORCE spray na řetěz STANDARD 200ml - chain spray

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  • FORCE for STANDARD chains is a lubricant suitable for good weather and conditions that are not extreme (rain, mud, etc.).

    • Very good penetration into chain spaces
    • seals out moisture, lubricates the chain and protects against corrosion
    • suitable also for O-ring chains, for road and mountain bikes
    • sold and packaged in 200 ml spray bottle

    Objednejte si FORCE chain spray, dnes se slevou 15%

    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: FORCE
    • Product code: 895637
    • colour : ČERNÁ

  • The FORCE cycling brand has been on the market since 1991. FORCE offers a wide range of products, cycling components, accessories and clothing. The entire catalogue of the brand contains almost 2000 items. FORCE cycling accessories and equipment are famous for their combination of quality and good price.

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