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  • Women's sandals from the new spring collection of the SOURCE brand belong to the legendary women's footwear, which boasts a history of more than twenty years. The sandals feature a comfortable tread and quick-drying straps that run through the midsole.

    The extremely lightweight Classic sandals are characterised by perfect comfort, high safety and durability. They are equipped with the unique SOURCE X strap system with six grips and SOURCE three-layer sole.

    The sandals are also equipped with an antibacterial treatment and, because they are on open, there is no sweating and the foot is perfectly ventilated. The bottom sole is non-slip and made of a rubber compound.

    One of the biggest advantages of the CLASSIC women's sandals is their durability, with daily use they will last you several years!
    • Perfect comfort
    • Lightweight material
    • High safety
    • Quick-drying material
    • Long service life
    • Abrasion resistance
    • Antibacterial treatment
    • Air ventilation
    • Zipped transport bag included
    • X-Strap® patent: a unique system of anchoring 3 straps at 6 points in the midsole, each strap is anchored independently, allowing optimal tightening around almost every foot.
    • The Triple-Layer Sole: a sole made of three layers: contact insole, shock absorbing midsole, grippy outsole, together forming a well-tuned unit with an optimal combination of parameters such as: grip, durability, shock absorption and weight
    • A.R.T2™: rubber compound with very good grip and traction even in wet conditions. It leaves no streaks.
    • A.R.T4™: comfortable rubberised EVA foam insole with antimicrobial treatment. The surface is made up of a number of micropores, which reduce the area of contact between the foot and the insole, so the foot sweats less.
    • Quick-drying tapes: made of soft hollow polypropylene, which dry 2 times faster than conventional nylon or polyester tapes
    • Slip-On Option: by simply opening the heel strap, the sandals can be turned into slippers
    • Unique ID™ number: makes it easy to trace all the necessary origin data in case of product failure

    Weight: 591 g (pair in size UK8)

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    • Manufacturer: SOURCE
    • Product code: 101012B5
    • colour : Blue
    • sex : female

  • SOURCE Classic Women's dream

    Classic Women's dream
    Classic Women's dream
    Classic Women's dream
  • SOURCE is a pioneer in hydration systems and sandal technology and has been known for tactical gear, hiking sandals, hydration and travel accessories for over 20 years.

    Travel gear of the highest quality that reflects our values, and meets the real needs of people involved in outdoor activities and people who travel around the world.

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