HUSKY Ladies Majesty -10°C růžová 2021 - women's sleeping bag

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  • The HUSKY brand wants only the best for women. That's why we created the Ladies Majesty -10°C sleeping bag, which is designed just for all female travellers and outdoor enthusiasts. Anatomically and shape-wise, it meets without compromise the special requirements of the female physique.

    This model is made of high-quality materials that guarantee sufficient thermal comfort from spring to autumn. It also includes a warming leg bag, which many of you will appreciate in colder weather. Of course, it is equipped with a right and left zipper system, the possibility of expanding, longitudinal fastening but also other essentials such as an insulating collar, an external pocket for small items or a compression sleeve.

    The Ladies Majesty -10°C sleeping bag is available in two beautiful colours that accentuate the clean and simple design.

    • Three Season Sleeping Bag
    • Expandable
    • Leg bag
    • Right and left zipper system
    • Longitudinal closure
    • Warm collar
    • Outer pocket for small items
    • Compression sleeve
    • Clean and simple design
    • ISO_13537 certification


    Fill: 1-channel hollow fiber
    Construction: double layer
    Inner material: soft nylon
    Outer material: 70D 190T Nylon Taffeta
    Accessories: compression sleeve
    Weight: 1550 g
    Recommended maximum person height: 175 cm
    Dimension packed: 35 x 20 cm
    Dimension: 200 x 85(+20) cm


    This type of sleeping bag has incorrect information on the packaging and label. The specification matches the parameters listed on our website. We apologize for the error.
    The textile materials of which the sleeping bag is made are designed for normal washing and cleaning. By following these instructions you will achieve the best possible cleaning and maintenance results. After each use, air the sleeping bag properly when unzipped. In case of localised soiling, it is a good idea to clean the wrinkle with lukewarm soapy water only. In case of exceptionally dirty surfaces, the sleeping bag can be washed according to the following instructions:
    -wash in a large capacity washing machine with a rotating drum - DO NOT use a whirlpool washing machine
    -use warm water - not hot
    -keep the zipper on at all times and do not wring
    -do not use any detergents, as they are very aggressive (unless they are exclusively for sleeping bags)
    -the drying phase is also important, always dry the sleeping bag horizontally
    -do not expose the sleeping bag to the sun or radiant heat when drying
    Practical advice
    If you are wrapping the sleeping bag in a wrap, the correct way is to press the bag into the wrap. This method will not break the filling fibers, as would happen when rolling the sleeping bag. For long term storage, we do not recommend storing in a wrapper, but spread out in an open space (be it a larger box or other). Always store the sleeping bag cleaned and dry in a dry place to prolong its life.
    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: HUSKY
    • Product code: 2H0-9879
    • sizes : 85 x 200 cm
    • colour : růžová
    • Season : 2023 podzim
    • sex : female

  • HUSKY Ladies Majesty -10°C pink 2021

    Ladies Majesty -10°C pink 2021
    Ladies Majesty -10°C pink 2021
    Ladies Majesty -10°C pink 2021
    Ladies Majesty -10°C pink 2021
  • HUSKY was founded in 1993 to manufacture and market camping equipment and sportswear. It offers complete equipment for outdoor enthusiasts, tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, winter and summer textiles.

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