FENIX LD30 + USB aku 3500 mAh - LED flashlight

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  • Price discounted set of Fenix LD30 tactical pocket flashlight and Li-ion battery Fenix 18650 3500 mAh with built-in micro-USB connector.

    The Fenix LD30 Pocket Tactical Flashlight offers up to 1600 lumens (ANSI) of light and a range of up to 205 meters. It is one of the most powerful flashlights on a single 18650 Li-ion battery. However, in an emergency, the flashlight can also be powered by two disposable CR123A batteries. The LD30 flashlight has seven different light modes that allow you to choose between high power and long life (up to 70.5 hours), stroboscopic flashes and SOS mode for emergency situations.

    The flashlight is equipped with a battery charge indication and is powered by digitally regulated constant current to guarantee constant light output even when the battery voltage is reduced (when the battery is slowly discharging). Thanks to the use of a unique super-thin collimator, the length of the flashlight has been reduced to just 10.9 centimeters. Thanks to the tactical limit switch, it is suitable not only for professionals, but also for a wide range of outdoor, sports and work activities.

    All flashlight parameters (lumen output, battery life, waterproof, range and shockproof) are measured in accordance with ANSI/NEMA FL 1-2009.

    Package Includes: wrist lanyard, carrying case, Fenix Li-ion 18650 3500 mAh USB battery pack, micro-USB charging cable and replacement o-rings

    Can be purchased with: red AOT-S traffic cone, AOD-S diffuser, red AOF-S+ filter, green AOF-S+ filter, blue AOF-S+ filter, bike mount, special Fenix bike mount or strap for using the flashlight as a headlamp, BikeBlock bike helmet mount.

    Warranty: 5 years on flashlight, 2 years on battery


    • Luminous super power LED LUMINUS SST-40 with 50000 hours lifetime
    • Six lighting modes
    • Intelligent overheat protection
    • Data measured with included 3500 mAh Li-ion 18650 battery
    • Digitally regulated for constant brightness, low battery warning
    • Powered by a rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery
    • Because of mechanical protection against reverse polarity, batteries must have a protruding plus terminal
    • Older Fenix batteries with a flat plus pole can therefore not be used
    • Alternatively, two disposable CR123A lithium batteries can be used for power supply
    • Memory for last selected mode (not valid for flash modes)
    • Special super-thin collimator, made with technology used in the automotive industry
    • Resistant to falls from a height of 1 meter
    • Tactical switch at the end of the flashlight (instant on/off function)
    • Light-gauge threads with increased wear resistance
    • Waterproof to IP68 standard

    Power Modes:
    Six lighting modes: 1600 lumens (1.5 hours) -> 800 lumens (1.9 hours) -> 350 lumens (5.5 hours) -> 150 lumens (17.5 hours) -> 30 lumens (70.5 hours) -> SOS (30 lumens) -> Strobe (1600 lumens).

    Dimensions: 10.9 cm (length) x 2.15 cm (body diameter) x 2.54 cm (reflector diameter)
    Weight: 59 g without battery, 109 g including battery
    Material: aerospace hardened aluminum
    Lumen output: 1600 lm
    Range: 205 m

    Press the end button to turn on or off, press the button to turn on immediately. You can switch power levels at any time during operation by pressing the side button. To switch to flash mode, hold the side button for approximately 1 second. This will activate the strobe. With another short press you can switch between strobe and SOS. Holding the button down will return the flashlight to its original mode.
    Overheat protection - Due to the size of the flashlight and the huge power output in 1600 lumen mode, turbo mode operation is time limited. After 5 minutes, the power is gradually reduced to 1200 lumens over 80 seconds. If the flashlight's internal temperature rises to 55°C, it will automatically begin to reduce power in gradual increments of 30 lumens every 6 seconds until its temperature stabilizes or drops to 400 lumens. Once the temperature of the flashlight drops below 55°C, the output will gradually increase again.
    Battery charge status indication (only functional when using Li-ion 18650) - each time the flashlight is turned on, the indicator LED in the side button of the flashlight will activate for three seconds. If the indicator LED is green the battery is more than 85% charged. Green flashing indicates 50-85% capacity. If it glows red, it is 25-50% charged. Red flashing indicates that less than 25% of battery capacity is left.
    Discharged Battery Warning (only functional when using Li-ion 18650) - the flashlight will automatically switch to the lowest mode and the indicator LED in the button will flash red.
    Do not disassemble the sealed parts in the flashlight head yourself, it will violate the warranty.
    Use only high quality 3V CR123A batteries and 18650 Li-ion batteries.
    If the protective rubber rings appear damaged after prolonged use, replace them. The rings should also be lubricated to prevent erosion of the rubber. By following these rules, the flashlight will be properly protected against water.
    If the flashlight blinks, does not switch to higher modes, or does not light up, it may be due to one of the following reasons:
    The battery is almost dead - charge it or replace it.
    The contacts inside the flashlight are dirty - clean them with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.
    The head of the flashlight is loose, tighten it.
    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: FENIX
    • Product code: LD30SET
    • Season : přechází

  • LD30 + USB battery 3500 mAh

    LD30 + USB battery 3500 mAh
    LD30 + USB battery 3500 mAh
    LD30 + USB battery 3500 mAh
    LD30 + USB battery 3500 mAh
    LD30 + USB battery 3500 mAh
    LD30 + USB battery 3500 mAh
    LD30 + USB battery 3500 mAh
    LD30 + USB battery 3500 mAh
    LD30 + USB battery 3500 mAh
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