SEA TO SUMMIT Stretch-Loc 20 - 20mm x 500mm 2 Pack , Black - spare straps

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  • Sea to Summit Stretch-Loc 2 Pack: universal elastic belt for securing your gear and equipment. Use it to attach paddles to roof racks, bike gear, backpack, or to attach a camera or bottle. It will also serve you well as a pad against damage to your belongings.

    The straps are made of a very high quality and durable TPU material that holds firmly, is flexible and does not slip on the surface. The individual tapes can be easily joined together to create one long one that will suit your needs.

    There are 2 tapes in the package.

    • Universal
    • possibility of connecting several tapes together
    • adhesive and flexible TPU material
    • integrated strap that doubles as a pad
    • anti-slip buckle
      Dimensions: Number of pieces in the package:
    12 12x300 mm 2 pcs.
    17 12x450 mm 2 pcs
    15 20x375 mm 2 pcs
    20 20x500 mm 2 pcs
    25 20x625 mm 2 pcs
    30 20x750 mm 2 pcs
    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: SEA TO SUMMIT
    • Product code: ATD2079-04050118
    • colour : černá

  • Stretch-Loc 20 - 20mm x 500mm 2 Pack , Black

    Stretch-Loc 20 - 20mm x 500mm 2 Pack , Black
    Stretch-Loc 20 - 20mm x 500mm 2 Pack , Black
    Stretch-Loc 20 - 20mm x 500mm 2 Pack , Black
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