ALADDIN Zoo Flip & Sip Lev 430ml - baby bottle with straw

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  • ALADDIN ZOO Flip & Sip bottle with tiger motif and straw. The cap ensures tightness during transportation, the sipper is suitable even for the smallest thirsty people.

    • Material Tritan Copolyester by DUPONT
    • volume 430ml
    • BPA-free
    • dishwasher safe
    Note: The aggressive environment of a dishwasher causes light discolouration/smudging of the material and over time the prints will disappear. The function is not affected by repeated washing in the dishwasher. Cosmetic changes caused by the washer are not covered by the product warranty. This is normal wear and tear from use. If you want to keep the product looking nice, do not use the dishwasher. Especially the printed parts.
    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: ALADDIN
    • Product code: 10-08541-003
    • colour : bílá
    • volume : 0.43 L

  • ALADDIN is no newcomer to the market. Since 1908, it has been serving its customers in the USA and nowadays all over the world. The brand belongs to the portfolio of the company PMI (Pacific Market International), which is the main supplier of all the "pizza" assortment of the STARBUCKS chain. This experience and know-how, knowledge of customers and their habits gives it the unique opportunity to bring the best of the best to the ALADDIN® brand.

    ALADDIN® offers a wide range of travel thermoses in different sizes, water bottles and food boxes. ALADDIN® goes in-depth in researching consumer trends, behaviour and desires and has become a specialist in hydration for both winter and summer. ALADDIN® brand design has been repeatedly awarded, most recently with the RED DOT design award. Last but not least, ALADDIN® is a pioneer in the replacement of plastics with durable materials that, when used, contribute to sustainable development and the protection of nature, but without compromising or compromising on the user's concerns. Design, quality, 100% tightness. That's ALADDIN®.

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