NALGENE Grip-n-Gulp Kids 350ml Pink/Wheels - baby bottle

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  • NALGENE GRIP N GULP Kids- baby bottle

    We were on Everest. Now we're ready for toddlers! Nalgene bottles are ready for the world's most extreme conditions. The new Nalgene Grip'n Culp™ is tough enough to survive being thrown out of a moving car.

    The bottle resists odor and won't just spill, so stains on the carpet will be just for the dog. Most importantly, it's a great tool to help young children reach new heights.

    The Nalgene Grip'n Gulp bottle is well-sealed and has a very sturdy construction, so it will stand up to even heavy impacts.
    • Side indents for easy gripping by tiny hands
    • Rubberised lid and smooth plastic mouthpiece make drinking comfortable
    • Excellent stringing cup and lid is designed to prevent spills
    • Bottomless TritanTM material resists odors, stains and residue
    • Dishwasher safe lid and removable valve
    • Can be attached to backpack, bag or stroller
    • Compatible with OTG, ATB, and wide-mouth closures

    Material: the bottle is made of Eastman Tritan TM copolyester, which is made without BPA

    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: NALGENE
    • Product code: 2182-1512
    • colour : růžová
    • sizes : 184 cm
    • volume : 0.35 L
    • Season : přechází

  • Nalgene produces a wide range of reusable bottles and containers. So whether you're looking for a virtually indestructible water bottle for hiking adventures, or you want a clean, eco-friendly way to store dry pasta, you'll find the perfect product for it at Nalgene. 

    Why Nalgene? Life and its many adventures can often be complicated, which is why we design our bottles and containers to be simple, safe and hassle-free. Whether you throw a Nalgen bottle in your bag, backpack, climbing pack or your child's food carrier, you can count on it to meet the demands of real life.

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