SIGG 8563.00 CARS SPEED - Bottle 0.4 L

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  • Sigg baby bottle with which your youngest will always have his favourite drink on hand at nursery or school. Highly appreciated for its pretty and playful designs combined with interesting colours also for its light weight and high quality.

    Sigg bottles are still made in Switzerland in Frauenfeld. Each SIGG bottle is made from a range of 1,000 "virgin aluminium", which means it is one of the purest forms of aluminium with at least 99% aluminium content.

    Aluminum itself offers several positive qualities such as weight and durability. The coating on the inside of the bottle ensures that the drink stays fresh at all times. Due to the properties of aluminium, the bottle can be made in one piece, meaning there are no welds where bacteria can be trapped and start to grow.

    Sigg 0.4l bottle with a unique and colourful design, made for the little ones. For water, carbonated, sour and sweet drinks, it will be indispensable at school, on a walk or on a trip.
    • BPA and phthalate free
    • Special muzzle for kids: KBT, can be disassembled and easy to clean.
    • SIGG bottle should only be filled with beverages that are not hot as 40°C.
    • Each bottle is 100% recyclable and can be reused
    • SIGG bottle is food safe (no trace of taste and odor)
    • All bottles are Swiss Made
    • Thanks to several components easy and quick to disassemble
    • All parts can be ordered separately
    • Suitable also for moderately carbonated beverages
    • SIGG bottle must not be used in the microwave
    • Do not store the SIGG bottle in the freezer
    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: SIGG
    • Product code: A0053718
    • colour : modrá/oranžová / černá
    • sizes : 15,2x6,6 cm
    • volume : 0.4 L
    • Season : přechází

  • 8563.00 CARS SPEED - Bottle 0.4 L

    8563.00 CARS SPEED - Bottle 0.4 L
  • Buy your SIGG bottle easily and online. We ship for free from 999 CZK! Official SIGG dealer. Eco-friendly. 

    SIGG stands for premium reusable water bottles. With over 100 years of experience

    "Genuine Swiss bottles demonstrate world-class craftsmanship. The beautiful shape is one of the reasons why SIGG bottles have been included in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. SIGG bottles are 100% recyclable and contribute to improving the world's carbon dioxide emissions.

    SIGG bottles are especially appreciated by hikers and climbers. Thanks to their excellent quality, light weight and functionality, as well as their relation to today's sustainability trend. SIGG bottles are used as a stylish, fashionable everyday accessory by stars such as Gisele Bundchen, Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher.

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