NALGENE Wide-Mouth 500 ml Trout_Green - Bottle

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  • The small half-litre wide-mouth bottle from Nalgene is one of the most popular. The large opening allows you to insert ice cubes and enjoy a cold drink for a long time. Or use it to store pasta, rice or to keep electronic devices dry. A measuring scale on the side lets you keep track of your daily water intake. It won't accept or taste the color or odor of the liquid stored in it. It is extremely durable and will not break easily. The cap can be removed and you can choose between several other coloured caps. It can withstand temperatures from -40 to +100 degrees Celsius and is also dishwasher safe. BPA-free and made in the USA with the highest quality standards.


    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: NALGENE
    • Product code: 2178-2316
    • colour : zelená
    • sizes : 16,5x7 cm
    • volume : 0.5 L
    • Season : přechází

  • Wide-Mouth 500 ml Trout Green

    Wide-Mouth 500 ml Trout Green
  • Nalgene produces a wide range of reusable bottles and containers. So whether you're looking for a virtually indestructible water bottle for hiking adventures, or you want a clean, eco-friendly way to store dry pasta, you'll find the perfect product for it at Nalgene. 

    Why Nalgene? Life and its many adventures can often be complicated, which is why we design our bottles and containers to be simple, safe and hassle-free. Whether you throw a Nalgen bottle in your bag, backpack, climbing pack or your child's food carrier, you can count on it to meet the demands of real life.

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