HYDRAPAK VELOCITY 1.5L Malibu - hydrovac

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  • Hydrapak's Velocity 1.5L hydration pack is essential equipment for every runner. The Velocity 1.5L has an ergonomic top slip cap and is designed to be more comfortable in vests and packs. It's our lightest Hydrapak bag yet, and its wide opening allows for quick refills.

    A handy Plug-N-Play system makes it easy to detach the HydraFlex 36 supply tube, plus it automatically closes to prevent fluid leaks.
    • improved design
    • 20% higher flow rate
    • easy to turn inside out
    • no sharp edges
    • perfect shape
    • high flow valve
    • high quality material
    • abrasion resistant
    • easy handling
    • easy cleaning
    • elements against liquid leakage
    • reversible system for easy cleaning

    Material: thermoplastic polyurethane, HDPE, Silicone
    Dimensions: 31.7 x 15.2 cm
    Weight: 120 g
    Volume: 1.5 l

    HydraPakAmerican Hydrapak is a revolutionary manufacturer of collapsible bottles and H2O systems. The collapsible bottle is the perfect option for anyone who needs to save space! Simply fold the bottle into a pancake and it can fit in your pocket! They are made of durable TPU material, which guarantees low weight and above all high durability! The H2O system consists of a water reservoir that you attach to a compatible backpack and a tube that you simply insert into your mouth and can suck undisturbed! In addition, Hydrapak takes great care with the design and some products in particular look great!
    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: HYDRAPAK
    • Product code: A371-Malibu
    • colour : modrá
    • volume : 1.5 L

  • VELOCITY 1.5L Malibu

    VELOCITY 1.5L Malibu
    VELOCITY 1.5L Malibu
    VELOCITY 1.5L Malibu
    VELOCITY 1.5L Malibu
    VELOCITY 1.5L Malibu
  • Wherever your adventures take you, the reliable HydraPak products we offer on our store are here to ensure you stay hydrated every step of the way. Designed for life.

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