OSPREY Hydraulics™ LT 2.0L Reservoir - water bag

  • Newly redesigned water reservoir usable in any compatible OSPREY backpack. Easy to maintain, large filler neck and handle for easy handling that easily fits into the reservoir compartment thanks to the HydroStatic solid back plate.

    Before designing the Hydraulics™ water reservoir, the weaknesses of other systems already on the market were researched. It quickly occurred to the manufacturer that water would not behave docilely in a completely flexible bag. Flexibility is reflected in the liquid form, so a full bag will be very difficult to insert into the pack, and the cylindrical shape of a full reservoir will often bend against the back of the pack, making it less stable and more uncomfortable to carry.

    The developers observed hikers and skiers with hydration packs during their sporting activities and came up with a unique design solution that addresses the aforementioned limitations.

    • First - Filling and inserting the Osprey Hydraulics™ reservoir became easy with a lightweight handle and spine all the way down.
    • Second - Say goodbye to bending the back of the Osprey Hydraulics™ reservoir thanks to an anatomically shaped backplate that is welded on the side of the reservoir toward your back.
    • Third - an ingenious magnetic hose valve attachment system with a simple ¼ on/off switch, meaning the hose and valve stay secure when not needed. However, the valve and hose are always close at hand.
    • Fourth - The entire system is made of anti-microbial materials capable of withstanding frozen and boiling water.
    The 2L water reservoir, compatible in most Osprey hiking, ski mountaineering or backpacking backpacks, will ensure, keep plenty of fluids on hand at all times
    • Made of anti-microbial MPE material
    • Anatomically shaped
    • RapidFill™ wide opening for easy cleaning
    • 1/2 turn cap to open and close
    • BPA free
    • Full length handle for easy filling
    • Magnetic locking valve, prevents liquid leakage
    • Detachable and replaceable hose and valve
    • Welded hydrostatic plate

    Weight: 210 g Maximum dimensions: 35 x 15 x 6 cm

    Lifetime Warranty Osprey products are warranted for life against defects in materials and workmanship. The lifetime warranty means the repair of any OSPREY backpack that shows defects due to reduced quality of material or construction. This warranty does not cover damage due to wear and tear, tear, chemical damage, sparks from fire, misuse, or damage from air travel.

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    • Product parameters
    • Manufacturer: OSPREY
    • Product code: OSP2103014801
    • sizes : 35 x 15 x 6 cm
    • volume : 2 L
    • colour : modrá
    • sex : unisex

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