SMARTWOOL K Hike Light Crew dark blue - socks

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  • A smaller version of the SmartWool® classic Hike Light socks for adults. This children's hiking sock offers elastic arch support or flat seams in the toe. The socks stay in place without bunching.

    • 3x1 ribbing
    • Elasticated arch support
    • Flat knit toe seam

    Knitted in the USA with imported yarn: 54% merino wool, 44% nylon, 2% elastane

    A thriving and successful brand of quality socks and functional underwear now sold in thousands of stores in countries around the world. Smartwool produces only the most expensive and highest quality merino wool and the amount it processes each year is equivalent to the wool from 300,000 sheep. This merino wool is sourced exclusively from certified breeders in New Zealand and Uruguay and is distinguished by its softness and excellent thermal insulation properties.
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    • Manufacturer: SMARTWOOL
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    • colour : modrá
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  • Smartwool merino wool clothing, socks, base layers, sweaters, tights, more. Comfortable, durable for running, hiking, cycling, everyday use. Free shipping from 999 CZK.

    What you get from us isn't just a product; it's the ability to do more of what you love in extreme comfort. We combine high-performance Merino with state-of-the-art technology to create products that will power you through your big adventure and keep you comfortable all the way.

    Go far. Feel good.

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